Had To Be There


The Business of Memories

Whether planning a vacation or preserving those memories for a lifetime, Had To Be There will be there for you. HTBT offers various services that can be packaged in a multitude of ways to best fit your needs.

An expert in both dance and media production, Kelly Baccash mixes in her passion for design, baking, travel, and all things Disney to deliver one-of-a-kind memories for her clients.

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Had To Be There is the brainchild of owner/operator Kelly Baccash, pictured here at Southford Falls in CT.

Meet Kelly

A lifelong Connecticut resident, Kelly works full time in the marketing field for an amazing firm in Fairfield county. Recently married, Kelly resides in Seymour with her husband and their two dogs, Lexi and Shadow.

Kelly's expertise comes from years of experience - from directing theater productions to creating and implementing dance cirriculum for public and boarding schools, respectively; from end-of-the-season banquet videos for high school sports teams to compiling wedding footage into commemorative montages; from perfecting new cupcake flavor combinations to crafting personalized gifts for friends and family. Inspiration is around every corner!

These are a few of her favorite things

  • Movie: Grease | Broadway Show: Hamilton
  • Dance Style: Jazz | Choreographer: Bob Fosse
  • Cupcake Flavor (to make): Oreo Surprise
  • Cupcake Flavor (to eat): Orange Creamsicle
  • Disney Princess: Aurora, Sleeping Beauty
  • Disney Villain: Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty
  • Disney Destination: Walt Disney World
  • Non-Disney Destination: Southern California
  • Color: Green | Song: "Don't Speak" - No Doubt
  • Animal: Penguin | Food: French Toast